Puppy Chowdown Time. It's Plastic!

What am I going to do? This pup just chews anything plastic, wood, rubber, vinyl or DIRT!

She also managed to "dig" and 'chew" a big hole in unfinished dry wall in the garage kennel area. She dug it down to the stud. I noticed she was coughing and hacking when I returned home. Yes, gypsum chalk is difficult to swallow. Yesterday I bought a METAL water dish. I can nail it down to a board so she can't tip it over or play with it. Or eat it.

She is only 31 pounds and 18 months old and I am really happy that she won't get any bigger. She is normally a picture of innocence; but does not like to be left at home alone.

Sometimes I think there must be more than one of her whizzing around the house and yard, but she is just a whirlwind of a girl and we are fortunate to have her. Just have to stop leaving her home alone.


  1. She sure did enjoy that toy! Guess you better just stay home from now on!

  2. aww what a pretty girl. Maybe she needs a little brother or sister to entertain her while you are away....lol
    My dog isn't really too bad with chewing but those plastic or rubber toys, forget about it. He chews them up, eats the plastic and then throws up all over the living room carpet. I have to stick with unstuffed animals and rag type toys.

  3. What a cutie but the chewing, hopefully, is a passing phase!? How about ceramic water bowls?

  4. I Used to have a boxer dog who was just like this...he even ate the sofa, door frames anddoors. He was a dream when we were home but very naughty if he was left alone. We solved the probem by getting a kitten. They became great friends and he stopped eating the house when we were out. I also started leaving a radio on whilst i was out so there was some background noise for him...you could try this too!!

  5. Have you thought about crate training her? We have three small dogs that we're destroying the house regularly. We crate trained them, which took only about a week, and it stopped the problem. She is a beautiful girl!

  6. Awww she is adorable :O)

    The Posh Pup is 5 months old and also had issues with chewing and digging, she loves to chew her way thru walls too.

    Recently I read about adding a few drops of tabasco sauce to her fav chewing spots as apparently dogs hate the taste and smell .... and do you know what? ... it actually worked!!

    Give it a try ;)

  7. My understanding is that many times dogs chew because they are bored. You may want to leave things for her to find around the house (or yard) when you leave to give her something constructive to do.

    Not sure if you have heard of nylabones, but they are a good chewing bone that takes a long time to go through. You can even soak them in some beef stock to make them even tastier if she does not take a liking to it (which I doubt).

  8. Thanks for the suggestions!
    She has a big lab-rott cross as a buddy but he is WAY bigger and much older, so not a lot of rough house playing to keep her occupied. Ummm, I'm not ready for another puppy for company. Ha Ha.
    I will try the Tabasco sauce idea on the end edges of our cedar deck planks. Great idea.
    NYLABONES. Not quite indestructible after all. She has had THREE and gnawed them down to little pieces. At $18 each, I DON'T think I want to soak them in beef stock to make them even more attractive! Ha Ha again.
    And, I fear it is too late to try the crate training thing.
    Yesterday I bought a METAL water dish and attached it to a 1x12 by 3-foot long board, then set a big brick on each end. No tippy, no breaky, no chewy. Just frozen water (Montana, you know)
    Thanks again for all the ideas.

  9. I had a chewer, and had to put him in a crate when I was gone. A metal crate. He worked hard at getting out, and hated it, but it was the only solution.

  10. It sounds like he has anxiety issues or is really bored! I feel for you.


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