Red Wave Middle School Band withdrawn from homecoming parade

NOTE: UM Grizzlies beat Cal-Poly 35-23 in victorious Homecoming week. Montana is now 5-0 during 2009 season.
I think it's appropriate that the Missoula County Schools Fine Arts Director, John Combs, took the unusual step of withdrawing all three county high school bands and the middle school band, the Red Wave, from this year's University of Montana Homecoming Parade.

Parade time temperatures are forecast to be in the teens, at best, and the hazards to the kids outweigh the arguments I'm certain that many of the kids will express. Frozen toes, frozen fingers, frozen instruments....we don't need to add to so many other problems that cold weather brings by deliberately placing our children at risk.

Kudos to Mr. Combs for stepping up and taking responsibility and "making the call."

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  1. Now there's someone who actually cares about the kids. Good going.


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