UPDATE on Water Well Pump Failure

The PUMP service guy discovered an electrical short at the pump connection (125 feet down) at bottom of well. He assured me that this was FAR more preferable than having electrical problems between the well and the control unit in the basement! That would involve trenching and cutting through concrete, etc!

As it was, the TIME INVOLVED in raising the pump to the surface and replacing a portion of bad feed wire, then lowering it again, is about the same as replacing the pump; HOWEVER, the cost was much less. Three hours at $60/hour plus $7.50 in materials, so only $187.50!

Since I had been fearful of a $900 expense, $187.50 seemed like good news. Best of all, we have water for flushing, laundry, showers, and dishes, all of which had been delayed.

By the way, we did have a few gallons of bottled water....so when I had *HAD* to flush a toilet, I poured 22 of the 24 little bottles of water into the toilet tank. That gives me some idea of how much water we flush down the toilet every DAY!


  1. Yeah! you have water again. It's funny how we can take the little things for granted sometimes (like flushing a toilet) $187 is much easier to take than 900.

  2. Hi, i too has a similar issue some time back. yes it take ages for them to get the pump out & etc. Many moms in the bizymoms Missoula community would love to hear more. please take the time to feature this on their community page.

  3. I am glad to hear it can be fixed. My pump went out and it was my worst fear. Luckily, mine was an easy fix (something with the box?). Although, he did warn me that the pump itself was old and could go any minute.

  4. I'm so glad to hear that the pump could be fixed and for considerably less than the $900. We recently had trenching done and it is no fun! It will likely take a good year before the yard looks good again. I'll bet you are glad to have your water back too. You might want to change out your toilet for a low flush model that uses 6 L instead. Anyway I'm glad things worked out well for you.

  5. Glad you are making progress. We had to have son's septic pumped yesterday. A much messier problem (backed up in shower), but more cheaply solved!


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