Water Well Pump Failure means NO WATER

Unpleasant surprise this morning when there was NO WATER pressure. Flushed the toilet and NO REFILL! Crap.

Found a blown fuse in the electrical service pump shut off box. Drove 8 miles to ACE Hardware and bought a box of four for $14.99. Replaced fuse, turned on power and BAM! Fuse blows again!

Called PUMP Service man who replaced our pump a few years ago. He says perhaps the capacitor in the control unit is bad. Drive 13 miles to his shop, pick up replacement control unit to test theory. Replaced control unit, replaced fuse (again), turned on power and BAM! Fuse blows again!

Call PUMP Service man again. He will come out tomorrow and check for ground faults and shorts, I think they are nearly the same thing. If he has to replace the well pump...125 feet down...that will cost $900. He doesn't take credit cards.

I will let you know what happens. P.S. Called wife at work...please bring home a few gallons of water, dear. Oh, and we might have to spend $900 tomorrow. Bye.


  1. I certainly hope you don't have to spend $900!!!

    And you should get a refund for those fuses too!!

    Best of luck, I'll be thinking of you!!

  2. Oh ugh! It just never ends does it? I'm wishing you luck on NOT spending $900 tomorrow.

  3. OOOO definitely sounds like you did not have a good day. Sure hope things work out tomorrow and you don't have to spend the $900. Good Lukc to you

  4. I feel for you. On Saturday, my 2001 Toyota Prius died on the side of the highway. We got it towed into the shop. Yesterday they called and said it needed a new transmission $5200. That's nearly the blue book value. Looks like it is time for a 'new' car.

    I hope your luck is better and it is only a short. Determining if it is a short shouldn't be too difficult, but if it is one, fixing it might be a pain. How far is the well from the house?

  5. Ouch! It's times like these when those "maintenance free" townhomes start sounding pretty darn good!

    We just replaced our water heaters a few weeks ago and still have to get the ceiling repaired from the water damage the broken water heaters caused.

  6. What an unpleasant surprise! That's a horrible price too at $900. Is that with or without his service charge? At any rate going into the colder months that cost more for heating it's not a good time for that kind of expense. I hope it is just a simple repair for you not replacement.


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