Michael Jackson's This is it! is a big hit!

This is It! has earned over a million dollars, Worldwide, in the first five days since opening. The United States audiences have pushed This is It! to the top for this past weekend.

I went to see This is It! on Sunday afternoon. Our theater was nearly deserted, and that surprised me.

I doubt that the film will garner the huge audience that some people expected, although a $20 million weekend is not bad. Not bad at all.

I just don't believe the film has the appeal to draw repeat views in theaters.

If and when the film is released in DVD it should be a big hit. People will want this little piece of history to keep. Perhaps the DVD would be even bigger than the theater showing.

I've never watched so much Michael Jackson in my entire life! Right here in one view I saw him perform virtually all of his greatest hits, albeit in rehearsal, and sometimes with costume changes cutting in and cutting out, but it was pretty seamless.

The back stage "look" that we are afforded does provide a glimpse into the complexities of putting together a stage production like this. Every step over every dancer is marked. There are no individual hand movements that are not pre-set and rehearsed. The music is terrific. Each "Beat" and tempo is repeated until it meets Michael's standard. He was a perfectionist, yet he shows a lot of patience with his producers, musicians, singers, dancers and technical staff.

There is a lot of love in this film. I enjoyed it and am certain we will also buy a DVD, of course!


  1. I can't wait to watch this film :( i just dont have time yet. but i will. and i think, like you, il buy the dvd as well :D

  2. I will buy the DVD - all I've read is positive, as I expected ;)

  3. I've always been impressed by his amazing talent however, in the later years I just couldn't stand the way he looked. I can't even tell you the last time I've been in a theater to see a movie, I'm more of a wait till it comes out on DVD kind of person :)

  4. They made big ads for this movie here. But I think I will wait for the DVD.

    Holiday With Mama

  5. Hi Doug,they are showing this movie in the Philippines,also. Michael Jackson is very popular here. You can see it on a digital screen(whatever that is)for about 2 bucks. That's the most expensive price of movies here, and that is the price for any time of day. Enjoy your blog, and I'm a big Montana fan. And I don't mean Hannah!

  6. I watched it with my kids,too. They all love MJ.


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