National Novel Writing Month 2009 Success

I successfully completed a 50,000-word novel during November's National Novel Writing Month so I am officially a "winner" of this year's challenge.  We are all winners.  Our prize is a certificate that says we are a Winner. 

Now the difficult task of editing begins, and I am fairly confident that my Young Adult fiction work will be marketable.  I will now plead with relatives to read my book, including some youngsters, and get their feedback.  One granddaughter already read about 15 pages or so and informed me that she did not know what "acting like a Secret Agent" meant (she is 9 years old), nor did she understand why someone would say "toot" a car horn.  My goal was to write a novel that would appeal to kids in 4th grade through 8th grade.  I have a lot to learn from them too. also provides "Winning" writers with assistance in marketing and printing our novel. 

I am not so vain as to believe that this little book is ready for market.  I have a lot of re-write and editing to do, but that is, as the NANOs say, what December is for


  1. Congratulations! Dev (the geekazoid) did it as well - hehe after that seems silly to be happy I did the NaBloPoMo and posted every day this month lol. You should be really proud!

  2. Wow! Congratulations, Doug. I think I write too slowly to ever try to do 50K words in a month. I have entered a short story contest in Oct and Nov. Should know the Oct results soon!

    Hope you follow through and become a published author!

  3. 50,000 words!? Whoa! You really are a winner!

  4. Congratulations for at least getting the book written. And it sounds like you have some great editors that will set you straight if the book is good or not.

  5. Congratulations,
    The first one is the hardest. Especially as far as editing, my first novel was 160,000 words and it pained me to trim the 20,000 to get it to a publishable stage.
    My second I had to completely rewrite 5 chapters.
    My latest one I only have to rewrite a few paragraphs in a few of the chapters for clarity.
    So be proud of yourself you've done the hardest novel. From now on things get easier.

  6. Holy Crap you wrote a 50,000 word novel! Congrats! That seems way too daunting to me! Good for you.

  7. congratulation for you friend, wow, you are a writter, nice job and i like that, keep friendship with me


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