Slow Internet Speeds while Writing a Novel too.

My Internet connection is incredibly slow today.

It doesn't seem to matter which browser I use, IE, Firefox, Chrome, they are all bogging down. I depend on the Internet for doing research, and that bogs me down in general.

So it is with my Novel. I am bogging down here too, and just six days into National Novel Writing Month. I looked for some feedback and was not happy with the result. Another problem is that I moved my story along too fast, or just lacked enough material. The result is that I am, more or less, nearing the end of the story that I had planned to write, but 37,000 words short of the needed 50,000. (You can see what I am talking about at the National Novel Writing Month website.

I won't be writing this weekend, but instead will do a lot of thinking about how I can re-construct my story and characters to save this book.

And I need to figure out why my internet connection is so slow. Every once in a while some virus or pirate program slips through and hijacks my computer, I think, and so my computer is being used without my knowledge to spread bad stuff all over the internet.

So, after I post this I will bring up my Norton, and my PC tools, and do a complete scan. What a pain.

But I guess pencil and paper was a pain too.


  1. I hope the connection will better soon bro :)

  2. oh... i hope scanning will make your connection faster. Also try to check in your internet provider, maybe they have some problems or something.

  3. We often got slow internet connection and it will make me stress the whole day.



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