Villanova Beats Montana Grizzlies for National Championship

Villanova decisively beat the Montana Grizzlies for the 2009 FCS National Championship.

The Grizzlies were out-muscled and out-played.  The Montana coaches were at a loss to figure out how to stop the Villanova ground game.  Although Montana dominated the First Half, the Villanova Wildcats completed controlled the second half.

Congratulations to the Villanova team on their first National Championship. 

Congratulations, too, for the Montana Grizzlies gave us another great season, undefeated since the 2008 national championship game, the Griz went 11-0 during the regular season and 3-0 in the playoff rounds.

Just wait until next year!

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  1. Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season and amazing 2010!

    Happy Holidays from livelife365


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