New Year New Beginnings

Simply a little greeting to acknowledge that we begin a new year with optimism and high hopes for the next year.

I am happy to be finished with saying "two thousand and...."
Now we can say "TWENTY-TEN"

Looking forward to the Winter Olympic Games from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  A wonderful city to visit.  Wonderful people too. I hope the remain that way after the Olympic CRUSH of people!

Hate to admit it but am looking forward to new television episodes again, plus the next installment of regular reality television.  Biggest Loser and The Bachelor and I am thinking there are some others too, that we don't watch. 

Oh yeah, and American Idol. I'm not much of a fan of the tryout shows with all the stupid, attention-getting idiots just making fun of the entire process.  The Las Vegas segments are when it begins to get interesting.  Looking forward to seeing Ellen Degeneres as an Idol judge.   We really like watching her talk show.

We have a Frost Fever Run to participate in at the end of January, so are in training now.  We bought a Wii game console and the Jenny McCarthy fitness tape to workout with.  I like the bowling game in Wii too.

Additionally, I hope you all have a wonderful January and 2010 in general.


  1. Wishing you a Happy New Year. Hope 2010 will bring you more happiness and prosperity! :)

  2. I love the Winter Games. I didn't realize they were this year.

  3. Unfortunately, we will eventually have to say "Two thousand and eleven"


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