Groundhog Day and Halfway to Spring

February 2nd marks the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

Seasons are how we "divide" up the year. Humans love to categorize things, although seasonal changes probably affect vegetation and animal life more so than that of humans.

We observe the changing of the seasons in my part of the country because it is COLD, then WET, then HOT, then Football.  Many of us live in Montana because we enjoy the experience of different seasons.  In summer, lawn mowing, wildfires, golf, fishing and camping occupy our attention.  In autumn, it is the changing colors, the smells, new television season, and football.  Winter brings snow shoveling and winter sports.  I don't do winter sports any more.  Never much cared for getting cold and wet. Ski, Snowboard, Snowshoe, Ice Skate, Ice Fish, Ice Carving, Sledding and Ski-Joring (look that one up) all have followers who evidently love to get wet and cold.

Spring brings wet weather and more snow.  Lots of snow, usually. Heavy and wet snow, not powder.   But, eventually, even in Montana, spring means gardening. 

By the way, I think Groundhog Day is a great movie.  Bill Murray at his best.


  1. I love Groundhog Day, the holiday! It's so folksy! We need more snow... too much to just hike, not enough to snowshoe, too rough to ski.

  2. I love Montana. Wouldn't mind moving from California to Montana, but all that snow keeps me away.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. I knew some people considered football a season of its own! Funny!

  4. Nice blog, bookmarked!


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