Springing Up with March Madness

Wow, the first day of spring arrived and I hardly noticed! 

Perhaps it's because we expect snow again. I tried to rake and de-thatch the lawn, but the portion of the back yard that sits in the shade all winter is still frozen solid. So, for me, it just doesn't feel very "springy." Not yet.

There are not very many markers that signal the beginning of spring.   

March Madness is the first sign of spring for some of us. 

Basketball dominated the weekend television and I admit to spending some time watching the "bracket busters" play havoc with the big guys. 

Our Montana Grizzlies were a #14 seed and they were defeated in the first round by the New Mexico Lobos, a #3 seed. 

I've noticed that the Women's NCAA tournament generally has fewer upsets.  I wouldn't be surprised to see all four #1 seeds make it to the end.  Here in Missoula, Montana, we watch the Stanford Cardinal because one of the Players, Joselyn Tinkle, is the daughter of our Montana Grizzly head coach.  Since the Grizzlies traveled to San Jose, California, to play the Lobos, father and daughter Tinkle got to see each other.

Our March "Madness" isn't over, of course.  Nearly everyone I know makes up a "bracket" of their own to predict the outcome of games.  Lots of people want to see the little guys upset the favorites, but I still want to see a Final 4 that includes at least a couple of #1 seeds; otherwise, would the best teams in the country really be playing for the national championship?  I think the field of 64 is too big, but that's not likely to change.

For most of the high school and college teams in the country, the season is over and we just have to remember that there is always next year.


  1. I like the excitement of the March Madness tournament. It's fun to fill out a bracket and cheer for your teams. I have a shot this year still of winning the one pool I entered at my husband's work place. I thought there were a lot of exciting games so far. I am so happy OSU is still in it!

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