Weird Dreams

Three weird dreams lately:

1:  Took a part-time job as a grocery store bagger.  I was wearing a suit and tie.  "Of course you were," responded my spouse.

2: Watched a college women's basketball game.  Final score 120 to zero.  There was only one team playing.

The topper:

3. Thought I was back in the Navy and on watch as Officer of the Deck, in port, in Scotland.  Took a phone call from former U.S. President Bill Clinton, who wanted the U.S. Navy to freeze a local lake so his grandkids could ice skate.  Chelsea's?   Oh, well. My job was to find the Defense Department Liaison to the Secret Service so the ex-president's protective detail could get him under medical observation.  (This was a DREAM, remember?)


  1. quirky life funny dreams
    very cool

  2. Your unconscious has been busy, Doug!

  3. hahaha ... .it's so chicky. thanks la


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