Brownie Caps or Brownie Discs Recipe

Oh, but this really isn't a recipe but rather a preparation method to change both the appearance and chewiness of your favorite chocolate Brownies.

Here is the story:

I found a pan that is used to bake only the caps of muffins, thereby enjoying many crunchy muffin tops without all the extra (bottom) part of the muffin.  It makes the batter go so much further too!

I decided to try making chocolate brownie caps, or discs, using the same pan.  I love the
results! I used my personal favorite packaged brownie mix, the Duncan Hines, Triple Chocolate! I Baked at 350 degrees for fifteen (15) minutes.

Be sure to lube the pan with Pam or vegetable oil. Actually, I use about a dime-size drop of olive oil in each spot.  The photos are goofy, perhaps, but the end result was wonderful.  I am including a link to the Amazon page with the muffin cap pan for sale.

Now the photos:

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