Dalton Terrier CheyAnna, My Best Friend

This is CheyAnna, our Dalton Terrier, who is now two and a half years old.

CheyAnna has a great look about her, very smooth lines, and a BIG personality.  That tail just never stops wagging.  In fact, she has had a small "knot" near the end of her tail since she was about eight months old.  We think she just hit it too hard on something.

A Dalton Terrier is a mix between a Dalmatian and a Boston Terrier. "Plus a little of something else," according to the breeder.  The exact mix seems to be a big secret, I guess, so we don't try to breed our own Daltons.

CheyAnna is like a three-year-old child who always comes running to greet us like she hasn't seen us in a week, even after fifteen minutes of being outside in the yard.  She also loves to retrieve a ball, but will only drop it at your feet if you ignore her.  She seems to think that all the running should be rewarded everytime, with a treat or the ball itself.

She is a big chewer, and can destroy any ball or toy.  Even the huge Nylabones, which are advertised as indestructible, end up as just a two-inch stump after a few months.  She is now on her third big Nylabone.

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  1. Well, Doug! Nice to see you again. But, I suppose you are going to disappear into your novel project and we won't see you till December...


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