Montana Winter Vacations

This is the snow season, and for thousands of winter sports enthusiasts, Montana is the place to downhill ski, snowboard, cross-country ski, ice fish, and snowmobile.

With hundreds of locations and plenty of accommodations available, Montana welcomes all with open doors, groomed trails, hot cider, well-maintained facilities and terrific people.

I have enjoyed the winter here in Montana for the past sixteen years. I was born here, and spent the first eighteen years of my life learning about Montana and enjoying the outdoor life. After a long military career, the place I wanted to raise my kids and spend my retirement years was right here at home.  I know from long experience that most winter days are suitable for outdoor activities, and Montana does not generally experience the harsh conditions so many folks associate with mountain weather.

Montana's Official Winter Travel and Activities page is at  From this site you can research things to do, places to stay, and so on.

Here in Missoula, I often check local cross-country ski conditions on the Missoula Nordic Ski Club's  snow-grooming reports page.  This page provides information on many of western Montana's cross-country areas.  Snowmobile areas are often adjacent to cross-country trails, so be sure to check location particulars.

I am going to attach a few links to Western Montana ski resorts, and will add links to other useful webpages as I discover them for myself.

Montana Snowbowl   Whitefish Mountain   Big Sky Resort   Moonlight Basin   Discovery Basin
Lost Trail Powder Mtn   Lookout Pass   Maverick Mountain   Bridger Bowl  Blacktail Mountain

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