Changing EntreCard Blog Category

Today, I changed the EntreCard Category for this blog from Home and Garden to Lifestyle.

I've struggled with finding just the right classification, and that is probably why I have never really found my audience.  So who am I trying to kid? I haven't planted a garden for two years.

I do have the word "lifestyle" in the blog caption, and so that is where I'm moving.

My lifestyle is pretty sedate these days, with retirement and all.  I'm not really into winter sports, but do look forward to spring and warmer weather.  RV camping, hiking, fly fishing, lawn mowing, and picking up dog poop.

That's my lifestyle.
Author Doug on Lawn Tractor, Missoula, Montana


  1. When I listed my blog on EntreCard, I was torn about what category to put it into. I try to cover as wide an array of topics as possible, so, in the end, I selected Lifestyle.

    I'm not sure that either you or I are exactly what they had in mind when they set up the category, but I think it is a good category for us.

    I'm glad you're moving to the lifestyle category, although I'm not sure the category really matters that much.


  2. We're wishing you good luck with your new category, and also wanted to wish you a wonderful 2011. Happy New Year!

  3. Doug- I, too, struggle with what category best fits My Quality Day (I'm signed in on the other blogs, so forgive me for adding a link). I think you would get a lot more traffic if you would comment more on other blogs.

    I've read both this blog and Montana Moods faithfully for over a year and commented a lot. I think you've left one comment on mine. Now, don't hear me trying to chide you... we all have different reasons for blogging, etc. But I do think that most people will only develop solid return readership if they create relationships with other bloggers.

    Those of us who are somewhat outside the mainstream interests, or who have broader interests don't fit as well in the standard categories, but it's one of the things that continues to draw me to your blog, and your wife's.

  4. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, "Shartbytes." I will do better and more frequent comments in 2011.

  5. Happy new year to all of you from all of us.

  6. Thanks for letting me know where to find you! I stop in and read more often than you think!

  7. Thanks for the comments, Doug! BTW, I love the lawn tractor pic. I think I need to take one of me like that this summer.


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