Christmas Electric Train from Santa 1950

Christmas 1950.  Underneath the tree there was an electric train for me from Santa.  I was just a couple of months shy of four years old.  The train was all set up on its railroad tracks, in a circle. Engine, Coal car, flat car, tanker car, freight car, and caboose.  
Yes, I still have that train, and just enough pieces of track that I can set the entire length of the train up on a book shelf.  

That was my very first memory of Christmas.  Later in the morning, Dad helped me to take the tracks apart and separate the cars from each other.  Then he went to the hall closet and, reaching up to the shelf near the top, he brought down the BOX that it came in!  

“How did you know the box was up there?” I asked.  

“I figured it was the best place for it and Santa would know that,” was my Father’s response.  

I WANTED to accept that, but it didn't sound right. Santa going into our closets.  Something was wrong about this Santa story. When I was about to question my Father further, I suddenly decided to keep my mouth shut.  What four-year-old wants to take a chance that Santa wouldn't stop by any more? 


  1. Nice memories Doug! I got my American Flyer about 1962 or 63. It developed into dads project as he created a huge layout in the basement with hand made houses and roads. It became a really big part of my life and fueled the imagination. The only problem was that I had to wait for my dad to get tired of playing with it. I still have the two trains and most of the track in a box in storage and I too display some of it on shelves. I wonder how many kids get train sets these days or do they end up with a computer version? Sad really.

  2. Wow Great memories even i forgot my childhood Life.. its very nice movement.

  3. wow great memories,love those train

  4. Pretty funny! The train is classic, of course. Lots of places to still get track if you want to run it.

  5. What a great story, big brother. I've printed it out, with picture, and taking it to show Dad on Christmas Eve. He should like that! Love ya. lil sis, laney kay


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