Near end of the Year Notes

First of all, thank you to fellow bloggers and blog visitors alike.  You help to keep me interested in continuing this effort.

Swarovski Crystal
Next, at Christmas we purchased a crystal prism suncatcher made with Swarovski crystals and it is so beautiful I just want to share the website. Sundrop Crystal-Rainbow Crystal Prisms.  Enjoy.

Finally, AT&T takes over AllTel Wireless next month so we have to exchange our current cellular phones for AT&T offerings.  There are so many phones on the market that I am over-stimulated by the advertising and just trying to keep track of which are "smart" and which feature touch screens, and how to tell the difference between OS meaning "Operating System" and OS meaning "Open Source."

Is Android a phone brand or an operating system?  And is it an open source or not?  And so on and so forth, nearly ad infinitum.  My wife simplifies things by saying she want one of those "slider sideways ones that can get me on the internet too."  Oh boy.    Listening to a sales person who uses all the current buzz and "electronics talk words" doesn't make things any easier. Neither does looking at pictures of phones.
Phones, phones, everywhere phones...
Have great week running up to New Year's Eve.  We are expecting high temperatures in the single digits and overnight lows below zero.  Should be a cold evening for "First Night" events.


  1. Hey Doug.
    Good luck on picking a new phone. Sales reps SHOULD be helpful in the phone store.

    Looks like we may have to update our list of phone companies on our list here:

    I have been pretty happy with my smart phone running the Android operating system. I love how it can sync with my gmail, etc.


  2. New phones are so cool! It all depends on what you really need. For example. I work full time, but I am attached to my laptop 24/7. I need a phone that will give me my emails when I am in route from client to client. I have a Blackberry 3G. If I had At&t, I would get a Torch.

    Now my hubby, he works in a business office, and isn't attached to his laptop. SO I got him a Samsung Vibrant a Galaxy S Android Smartphone. No keyboard, but all touch screen. He loves it for phone, games, apps, etc. And he still can get his emails and texts.

    I don't need to surf the web, at least on my cell phone. But you will always know, my laptop is close!

  3. Where will I use crystal prism suncatcher because honestly I don't have any idea about it. Hope you understand.

  4. Wow!! they have got such an amazing look !! thank you for sharing the post!


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