Wood Ironing Board Craft Project

We bought this at a holiday craft fair in Missoula, Montana.  Wooden ironing boards are pretty rare.  I think the artist has purchased many of them on ebay.  She works some really good ideas into finished products.  We paid $85 for this one.


  1. Wow- seems pricy. Is it really a towel rack and holder of other things, or just a decoration?

  2. Yes, this is just a crafty decoration that needed a good spot to be displayed. Price-wise, $85 may seem high but the wooden ironing boards can cost $35 to $45 on ebay, then add the refinishing, the paint, various extra attachments, plus all the time involved, and the price seemed more reasonable.

  3. look it's so cute..
    always succses for your blog..(^_^)

  4. This is very interesting and informative I really like the blog post there and will wait for the next post. I like the shape of the ironing board.

  5. Looking great! I think it should be better if you give us tips to of using this in different works that make us feel easy about price...



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