Starting the New Year with Weird Dreams

Seems only appropriate that a little alcohol would result in weird dreams to begin 2011.  Here we go:

1.  I am somewhere in eastern Europe, watching a runway of swimsuit models.  One girl is wearing a thong bikini swimsuit.  The bottom is backwards.  Yes, the little patch is in back and the "string" runs up the front!

2.  I am in a car with my wife, sitting behind another car, but not moving.  The wife asks, "What do you think this is? A "potential traffic stop light"?  The car in front is empty; parked.

Have a safe new year, all.  And I am planning to keep such weirdness to my dreams only.


  1. Hi Doug,
    Your Eastern Europe comment got me.
    1. Was in Budapest in 06 and let me tell you, the natives are simply gorgeous.
    2. There was no beach, but I likes walking across the river in the sun.
    3. I can imagine some of those beauties down here in Australia on our beaches - eve wearing their suits "your way"

  2. I sure won't touch an interpretation of those with a 10-foot pole, haha! Happy dreams.


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