Montana Snow Sports Have a Big Year

Twenty inches of new snow in the past 48 hours up at Montana Snowbowl.  Over 100-inch base now.  This has really been a big year for heavy snowfall in western Montana.

We received only an inch overnight (just south of Missoula), but I also had to shovel the driveway yesterday morning and it was quite wet and heavy.  I am ready for spring.
Whitefish Mountain Terrain Park - shot of the day Feb 18, 2011 (click on photo for larger view)
Meanwhile, the Montana Snow Sports webpage shows that Whitefish Mountain and Blacktail are also doing well for snow this year.  People are still hitting the slopes pretty good.  I know that when I was an active snowboarder and skier I would get pretty tired of the "ski adventures" by the end of February.  Now, I tire of winter even earlier.

Hope all the snow people are taking full advantage of the great conditions!  Have fun with the snow machines too, but be careful of avalanche warning signs.


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  2. We lost most of our snow over the end of the week. Sun was nice, and I'm not sorry that the end of the driveway piles are lower, but it's lousy for sports. Supposed to start snowing again tonight. Freezing rain just to the south of us... hoping that doesn't inch northward and make a mess here. It's only FEB! I want my snow!

  3. Our son is a snowboarder ~ he would love that shot!! Happy all!


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