Thaw and Snowmelt FINALLY

It seems like this winter has gone on FOREVER!  Not only have we had snow on the ground since the end of November, we have experienced some of the coldest temperatures in recent years, and unbelievable wind!

Today we have temps in the high 30s already at 10 am, and expecting perhaps 40 degrees by this afternoon, with predictions for high temps in the low 40s the remainder of the week.

This is good.  Perhaps winter will finally break.  I am ready to begin planning for gardening, lawn work, tree work, firing up the motor home, putting out the bee traps, and jogging outside.

The dogs are ready too.  They have cabin fever from only getting out for potting breaks.  Their early morning walks (5:30 am) had to be canceled because we had a couple deer killed by mountain lions within a hundred yards of the house.  That is just too dangerous to risk.

Now we are beginning to get some early daylight, and to me that means springtime weather is on the way.


  1. It seems like everywhere had a really bad winter. Over here it go to minus 15, nothing compared to the temperatures where you are, I'm sure, but record breaking conditions here. I think we all deserve a good summer with lots of gorgeous BBQ'd food.

  2. "potting breaks?" Those dogs getting a head start on the gardening season for you?

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  4. Hi Doug. Lets keep our fingers crossed for some warm weather. It warmed up over here for awhile. It is 13 degrees right now. Expected high of 29.My dog has cabin fever also. She wants to run.

  5. If Philippines have that kind of temp, maybe I could die early. I can't stand in the cold temperature... errr

    Dropping by... :D


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