Immigration and Temporary Work Visas

One of my friends lost his job, which had qualified him for a temporary work visa because his employment at this job was considered to be "in the interests of the United States." This was renewed and they have lived here for several years now, and even have a new baby. Because he lost his job, both he and his wife are now headed back home to Canada, where he has obtained a job. His wife, who works in a field that is NOT in demand in Canada, will remain unemployed until she can find another career field.

I think it is a very sad state of affairs when our Canadian residents are sent home simply because their jobs are no longer "critical" or they lose their jobs and are not given enough time to find another. At the same time, it seems like entertainers from Canada are considered to be employed all the time.  There are broadcasters, singers, musicians of all types, writers, etc., oftentimes self-employed, who are allowed to remain in the US indefinitely, or at least it seems so to me.  

There are so many actors and musicians who seem to live in the USA but are actually Canadians.  Do these "special" Canadians receive special visas or have they become Permanent Residents with a Green Card (which are limited in number). Are these all non-agricultural immigrants with special skills in great demand?  How many have become U.S. Citizens?  Look at this list: Pamela Sue Anderson, Jim Carrey, Kim Cattrall, Michael J. Fox, Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, Howie Mandel, Sandra Oh, Seth Rogen, Martin Short, Don and Kiefer Sutherland, and don't forget about the singers Justin Bieber, Michael Buble, and Paul Anka....oh the list goes on and on.

I don't resent their presence in the USA; I resent their special treatment.

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