Spring and the Mundane Wasp

Nearly a week since my last post, and most of that time was spent on the mundane chores of breaking out of winter and into spring.

Spring brings more work than pleasure, although the pleasure is partly in the anticipation of summertime. Spring in Montana means cold rain. In fact, rain in Montana is cold no matter what month. If you live here, or have lived here, you know that.

I have to put up chicken wire enclosures around virtually all of our shrubbery and flowers to keep the deer from eating all the buds and new growth. Ach! That is a constant battle.

Hornets and Wasps (Yellowjackets) are also a royal pain. They haven't been quite so bad in the past TWO years, after I trapped about 400 of them THREE summers ago. I use Rescue traps. They work. Have to try a few different locations to determine the best ones, but three Rescue Brand Yellowjacket traps have done the job. (One summer I hung one out above the deck, right next to the hanging flower pots. This was NOT a good idea, as it ATTRACTED wasps right into our faces!)  What North Americans generally call a "Yellowjacket" is simply called a wasp elsewhere in the World.  We also have "Paper Wasps" but they will not fit into the Yellowjacket Trap.  But Rescue does make a trap that will catch them too.  It is called a WHYTR-BB8. (W-H-Y stands for Wasps, Hornets, Yellowjackets.)


  1. Rescue traps? As in they move the wasps somewhere? I must be misunderstanding, because the wasps will go back to where there nests are.

  2. Sharkbytes, I have edited my post to more clearly show what a Rescue trap does. Traps them and they die in there. No relocation. Nope.

  3. A Wasp flew into my garage yesterday, and I swatted him big time with a broom.

    Stuck him again as it lay motionless on the ground. It got stuck in my broom, so I went to the drive to really finish the shit off.

    Before I could whack it again on the drive, the immortal bugger flew out of my broom, skyward, and away.

    It probably ID'd me and will be back for revenge.

    Happy Trails...

  4. Great review about the Rescue Brand Yellow jacket traps. Good to know that these traps are very affordable. Thanks for sharing this awesome review.


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