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If you a a normal dreamer, you have many dreams every night, only a very few remembered.  I find that I am likely to remember a dream if I awaken while I am having it, and that happens a lot, because I have to get up to pee at least once a night.

Many times I have weird dreams, and I have shared some of them with you in this blog.  Oftentimes in my dreams I am frantically searching and running around looking for a place to pee.  Guess why.  So far, I have always awakened in time.

I've never read much about dreaming, but I know there is an entire pseudo-science surrounding the meanings of dreams.  There are Astral Dreams where we leave our body, and Lucid Dreams where we are aware that we are dreaming and can "participate" in how the dream progresses, even controlling it, like directing a film.  This doesn't always work, I know that from experience.

When I was in television news and production, back in the 1970s, I used to perform in television commercials, writing, acting, producing and editing.  I often had Lucid Dreams then.  If I didn't like the way a dream was unfolding, I would say "cut" and "start over at such and such a spot" and it would happen.  My dream would then go forward from that spot and it would have a different outcome.  How weird is that?  When the dream involved a woman and an intimate "encounter" I often tried to start over, again and again, but this didn't work so well.  And when she said "no" I could never re-do the dream to have a different ending.  Okay, I know that sounds really creepy.

Some of my dreams are in color, but most are in Grayscale, like black and white dreams.  Most often, I don't remember any colors at all, just the story and the people. Sometimes the people don't have faces, but I know who they represent.  If I really want to keep a memory of a dream I have to write it down immediately or it is gone.  A few times I have awakened and been able to go back to sleep and get right back into the same dream, but really, I am not so certain that I was really awake. That may have been part of the dream.

It was pretty cool to "kind of" control my dreams.  I enjoyed those a lot more than running around trying to find a place to pee. 


  1. I don't dream in pictures at all, just words or stories in my head (I can't visualize in pictures either). But, I do have some doozies. LOL

  2. I know I have dreams but I can rarely remember them. Sometimes I will remember for a few minutes after I wake up and been meaning to write them since dreams apparently mean something but I never do. I also have the occasional nightmare which will wake me up and sometimes when going back to sleep I will go back in the nightmare right where I left off, pretty scary.

  3. I started dreaming in color when I was 4. I remember it. And I've dreamed in color ever since. I've had some lucid dreams. They are weird. Usually something is chasing me- in any kind of dream.


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