Weird Dreams Again. Sex at the Eiffel Tower

Why Sex at the Eiffel Tower?

This was really a weird dream.  Lots of sex, over and over, like it was a competition and we had to keep score.  Nothing perverted about it, just that whoever “we” were, it was a matter of having as much sex as possible and keeping track.

There was an area where we had to have this sex, and it was like a patio under the Eiffel Tower.  Yes, my erotic dream took place in Paris, France!  This patio was marked off into “spots” with painted lines like a parking lot, only the spots were for having sex, and we had to have sex in a different spot each time, trying to be the first one to have sex in all the spots.

There were also weddings in this dream, Paris weddings, with lots of “mistakes” that other people were making, and I was the one person who pointed out the mistakes.  I was the perfectionist who insisted that each detail be correct.  I was driving everyone crazy (in my dreams, even) with my “Type A” personality.  Caterer, florist, photographer—everyone had to be corrected.

One thing about dreams, a good thing usually, is that we eventually wake up and return to reality.

Sometimes, I wish dreams could go on forever, or maybe just that I could return to the same dream the next night and see how it turns out.  I left some unfinished business and lots of unused “spaces.”

Back in September, 2010, I also posted about a very WEIRD DREAM. I guess one post every six months is not too crazy.

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