April View of Springtime

Sometimes I just don't have much to say. Today, I "feel" a little different, a little better perhaps, just because we are in the month of April, snow is gone, FINALLY, and I begin to look forward to a little yard work.

The happy gardener feeling won't last forever, of course.  Just until I exhaust myself and then question whether yards, lawns, shrubbery, flowers and vegetable gardens are worth all the work.

The next big evolution around here will be getting the motor home ready for our first weekend outing. There is quite a lot to do.  I already uncovered it, re-installed the batteries, started it up, and then ran the generator for a half-hour.  Last year I purchased one of those "slow-charge" machines so I can keep the batteries charged up during the winter.  I store the batteries under the house in the crawl space, then hook up the charger once a month for about six hours at a time for each battery.  Worked great this spring.  It was a good investment.  Next I will have to charge up the lawn mower battery so I can get it started, but we don't have to mow grass until June .  Oh, I guess I could mow in May, there will be plenty of grass.  I just put it off as long as I can because once it gets going, it becomes a three-hour job, twice a week.  That's when I REALLY question whether a lawn is worth all the work.

Some day I will live in a townhouse or condominium, with no lawn to take care of.

They might call it a nursing home.


  1. Doug--
    Glad to hear the snow is gone and spring is springing. It's been a drought in tropical South Florida, so we need rain to precede rainy season.

    Keep on mowing you don't realize how therapeutic it is till you can't live to mow.

    Happy weekend V-ing to ya'-all.

  2. Happy spring to you and hope ur enjoy ur spring seasons .


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