Montana Grizzly Football Spring Scrimmage and Nate Montana

Nate Montana was 10 for 17, 107 yards and two touchdowns in yesterday's University of Montana spring football scrimmage.

Nate is the son of NFL QB Joe Montana.  Nate transferred to the University of Montana from Notre Dame, where he saw only limited action.   Nate hopes to earn the QB starting spot on a team that went to the FCS championship game in 2009.   (UMs top two quarterbacks from last season's team are gone, and that opens up an opportunity for the "new guy.")

Joe Montana arrived in town on Friday to watch the scrimmage and spend some time with his son.  Joe and his wife have visited Missoula on other occasions since Nate enrolled at UM.  I think he might be more than a little interested in how Nate plays during the spring drills.  Don't you think?  Duh!


  1. I'm never quite understood these family dynasties. I know there is probably natural genetic talent, but it seems like there is probably a lot of extra opportunity for people like Nate.

  2. 1) Montana plays in the FCS.

    2) EWU and Delaware played in the championship game last year.

  3. Thanks for the catch, Anonymous. In one case FCS vs FBS, it was a simple typo. And I did incorrectly phrase the sentence about the previous year's championship game.

  4. I hope Nate is starting quarterback!!!!


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