Dandelion Battle Lines are Drawn

I once measured off one square yard of my lawn and counted the dandelion plants, then extrapolated that number over the 3800 square yards of our property that is not covered by house and driveway.  I estimated the dandelion population at about 40,000!

Battle Lines Drawn!   Apply Weed-b-Gone and then wait 21 days and apply Weed-b-Gone again!   This is very tough on the grass too, and so fertilizer application is necessary.  The favorable results of this war on dandelions lasted three seasons.   Now, they are BACK in FORCE!   I have begun the process all over again.

No, I don't like dandelion greens in salad.  No, I don't make wine.  No, I don't need a dandelion root diuretic, thank you very much.

My young son, upon moving to Montana from San Diego 16 years ago, thought "all the pretty yellow flowers" looked beautiful in our yard.   But, like any weed able to produce 5,000 seeds per plant per year, they TAKE OVER the landscape!

Missoula also has knapweed in abundance, and, once the dandelions are eradicated, however temporary that might be, I will begin the battle against knapweed, which, thus far, has only encroached into two corners of the yard.

Just call me "the POISONATOR."

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  1. The knapweed is impossible to get rid of, and it will thin out the good plants around it.


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