Modern Names for Children and the 2010 Top Ten

Sometimes it seems to me that we are more original when naming our dogs and cats than we are in naming children. We want our pets to have unique, affectionate names that reflect our personal tastes, yet when it comes to our children we seem to re-use the same old conventional names, often dating back to the Bible.

Just looking at a list of the top ten names for boys and top ten names for girls during 2010 tells me that we pretty much rotate amongst the top few, year after year.

Come on Now! We could do better than using 2000-year-old names, right?

I might suggest naming a boy "Petroleum." Then you could call him Petrol, or if necessary, "Pete" but that harks back to Peter again. Oh well. We could use the names of trees, like "Aspen," then call him "As" for short, or Asp, or Pen.

With regard to girls' names, how about "Menthol," "Mint," or "Mylanta," perhaps even "Methane" but that is bit of a stretch.


  1. They are all better than the names from our generation when Peggy Sue, Bobby, etc were the "light" fare. I mean... how about those good old names like Cuthbert? And the trend to name girls for cities is just weird: Madison, Taylor, Paris...

  2. The most popular may be traditional, but trust me, people have gotten a lot more out there with child names. The numbers with the most popular names are less too. --I'm a teacher.



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