Mountain Lion Visitor in the Night

Mountain Lion in the yard (again) last night. That "scream" they do is agonizing, sounding like a hurt animal, but only serves to lure the curious, which included me (armed with a flashlight) just a few nights ago. 
When I lit up those eyes with the flashlight, I quickly "BACKED" away.

Nothing like living in the wilderness, eh? We live on the "urban fringe" near Missoula, Montana.  You don't realize how close the wildlife live in proximity until you hear them or see them.  Now that we have a cougar in the neighborhood, the deer have been staying away.     

The mountain lion smell and their sounds drive our dogs batshit crazy too.


  1. Huh! Interesting, I realize for a moment that lion is in front of me and i really get scare after reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    outlast blanketAdded

  2. wah... that's frightening, isn't it? Or you're already used to it?

  3. Quite an experience, I should think. Incidentally, just yesterday here in Zimbabwe, a very experienced guide was trampled to death by a bull elephant which was in must. He did manage to get his client, an American lady, to climb up a tree before he turned around to fire at the charging elephant, but it was too late. They are looking for the elephant right now in order to put it down.

    By the way, did you every get that tooth you lost fixed?

  4. Denford, good comment! And yes, I did have my front tooth repaired. Thanks for asking.

  5. Thanks for dropping by on my blog, really appreciate it.

  6. Yikes! I thought it was bad having the bears. At least they're relatively quiet (until you tree them and then they get pretty vocal). I hope your mountain lion moves on to a different territory!


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