Beavertail Hill Campground Montana Tipi (or Teepee)

We try to camp at nearby Beavertail Hill five or six times each summer.  This is a beautiful spot just 30 miles east of Missoula on Interstate 90.  The campground is a quarter mile south of the Interstate.  There is also a pretty good fishing pond here, stocked with Rainbows every spring.

The campground installed electrical hookups in 2010 and this has increased the number of visitors with RV's.  In 2011, the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Department began accepting reservations for many of the State Parks, including Beavertail. This has worked well, with several spots available only on a walk-up basis.
The campground is over forty acres alongside the Clark Fork River
Beavertail Fishing Pond
Tipi (or TeePee) rentals


  1. Makes me miss camping. We haven't camped in ages.


  2. Beaver-tail Hill sounds really good and nature close area by reading this post. Thanks for share your camping experience. I also prefer to go for small camping trips in weekends. Good share...!!!!
    Captures of the sight is beautiful.


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