Weather Hot, Sky Hazy, Man Lazy

I have said before that I believe Missoula has the best September weather in the USA.  (San Diego already claims October weather as the best.)

We are experiencing some exceptionally HOT September days, by our standards at least, with temps of 90 degrees and more.  What has really made this so uncomfortable is the air quality, which is HORRIBLE!

We have several wildfires burning to the south, to the east, and to the west of us.  Down here in Missoula, we sit at the "hub" of five valleys, and winds bring in the smoke, but the air inversion layer just holds the smoke down into our faces.  
Haze Gray, but not underway

I was fortunate enough to be camping out of the area over the weekend, but had to return to town for a short time on Saturday and immediately had a headache, and by the time we left a couple of hours later, my throat was sore.  

Cal Poly was here to play the UM Grizzlies right about that time, and I really felt sorry for the players down on the field.

We may see some relief from the smoke by mid-week.  Meanwhile, I, along with a lot of other locals, will be cutting back on our outside activities. 

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