NaNoWriMo 2011 Which Genre to Write?

I've been in a quandary about which genre to choose for 2011's November NaNoWriMo.

I've tried the Young Adult category before, and I enjoyed that but I feel the need for something meatier.  I wrote a Memoir last year, even though that is not a "fiction novel" genre, I think a fictionalized memoir is almost a requirement in order to protect one's self from libel, so I "fictionalized" it up quite a bit.
Bannack Montana Livery Stable

Today I have been toying with some ideas for a Western.  It doesn't seem like a genre that is particularly commercial in 2011.  I base that in part on the numbers of Western novels I see promoted on various web sites and best seller lists, and on current Western movies.  Wow.  There just aren't any. (There is True Grit but that was a re-make.)

I think I may be able to write a story that could be set in either the late 19th century or in contemporary times.  A story is a story, after all, and if I leave out quick draw gunfights and cattle rustling, perhaps all I have to do is add cell phones. Then my cowboy story might be happening here in the 21st century.  Come to think of it, out here in the West we still have cattle rustling and a gunfight or two on Saturday night.  I might be able to have some fun with this.

I will be working on characters and plot before the November first starting date, which may or may not be allowed.  I need to have a starting point.  Thankfully, no editing, re-writing, spell checks or illustrations are required during the thirty-day writing period of National Novel Writing Month.


  1. How about a modern day western? A story about a cowboy who doesn't fit in the modern world and doesn't understand our society. A culture clash could be fun, satisfy your western yearnings, and be marketable in today's world.


  2. Good luck with the NaNoWriMo challenge. I participated last year and completed a novel of over 70K words. That one won't ever see the light of day, but I learned a lot from doing it. It is not against the rules to work on your setting, characters and plot ahead of time. A chapter outline is alright too. I've done all of those, unfortunately I will be in the middle of a move in November, so I've had to bow out this year. I wish you lots of luck and inspired writing.

  3. Thank you Joyce. That is a very, very workable idea. Grandma Goulash, you nearly wrote enough for two years. We all should just keep writing it down!

  4. I vote a crime novel. Set in Missoula.


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