Autumn colors Missoula Montana

Here is a photo overlooking the Bitterroot River south of Missoula. The barn and grass in the foreground almost makes it look like a painting. My wife caught this on her Blackberry a few days ago and we just now got around to downloading all her photos.

By the way, I took the weekend off from writing my NaNoWriMo novel.  Still at 8000 words. Just 42,000 more to go by the end of November. 

For EntreCard members, this has been a frustrating few days and it seems the problems are still not completely solved.  The widget scanner is not working correctly and only about a half-dozen of the 40 thousand blogs are showing up in the search directory.  


  1. EC is driving me nuts. But that IS a beautiful photo!

  2. your photo is stunning. This is what I like about Autumn. The changing colors, so lovely.

  3. Beautiful photo, you can describe it in thousand words, but I'm speechless... All that comes to my mind is just... it's beautiful!!!

    Lette's Haven


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