Mule Deer Buck in Rut Missoula Montana

Mule Deer Buck in Rut Missoula Montana
This is one healthy-looking buck.  He was interested in a nearby doe, in a romantic way, but I waited for a half hour and this guy was just in no hurry at all. 
One of my neighbors is a Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks employee and he stopped his truck, got out and took a couple of photos too. There were three bucks out across the road from my place, and about a dozen doe.  Neither of the other bucks were nearly a large as this guy. 
Mule Deer with antlers Missoula Montana
(The larger photos are very big, full-sized)

I am not a hunter, but I really enjoy living out here in the country, especially at this time of year.

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  1. They look beautiful! I used to hunt in my younger days but when I saw an extremely beautiful deer I'd pass up the shot just because.


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