Mule Deer Doe Meets Me

Had an AMAZING experience over the weekend. A mule deer doe walked into our flower bed while I watched her from a window at her level. She came closer and closer to the window.

Three feet...two foot...Then she looked up at me and put her nose against the window...right against mine.

I never moved a muscle. Sure wished I would have had my camera.

I love living in Montana.


  1. Thanks for sharing your amazing experience, I love to hear it, i don't have a chance can meet a deer, but I do have a chance to meet a monkey, a big monkey running through my apartment's parking area, the monkey was chasing by a motorcycle, he run very fast and keep watching behind.

  2. Wow I haven't seen a deer for a very long time, it is really Christmas season now, don;t be surprised if you seen Santa Claus the next day, just kidding, I love your post!

    Zero Dramas


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