National Novel Writing Month - Three Days Done and 27 to go

At the end of Day Three, I have 6400 words down on paper toward my 50 thousand-word goal by the end of November. 

I have decided on a crime novel set in present-day Montana, featuring a  deputy sheriff pitted against a Vietnam-era sniper.

I am writing the present-day chapters to alternate with the sniper's life story chapters.

Of course I have NO idea when and where these two paths will cross and become just a single story.  That will have to wait until the editing process that I will begin in December, once the pressure of the 30-day novel challenge has passed.


  1. Doug- do you try to get any of these published... or edit enough to self-publish?

  2. November is all about getting your words done. You'll have time to edit everything later! I don't know anyone who didn't spend about as long editing their NaNoWriMo piece as they did writing it. Good luck!

  3. That sounds great! I have not been able to participate or keep up with this yet. Maybe one day I'll do my own 30-day challenge. Good luck reaching 50,000 words! You're doing fabulously.


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