Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

I know sexual harassment is common.  I've seen it and heard it.  There is no excuse to tolerate it.  I've seen women reduced to tears in embarrassment and shame and walk away from sexual innuendo and harassment.  Too few have the courage to stand up to their tormentors.  The reason is often that too few male co-workers will support them and they fear the repercussions of filing a formal complaint.
There are two common options for a woman to exercise.  One option is to put up with it and the other is to file a complaint and get a financial settlement and move on to another company, oftentimes in a new city, most often secretly, so her former co-workers don't "inform" on her to her new co-workers.
I've been writing about the Herman Cain accusations on my political blog, The Political Stream.  From what I have seen in video clips the typical harassment pattern is pretty recognizable. The women are reluctant to say anything at first, fearing for their jobs and how they will be perceived by co-workers.  The accused man denies, vehemently, that he is guilty of anything. He doesn't remember anything. Oftentimes, in the face of a corroborating testimony, the accused man falls back on his easiest defense, "she invited the attention, and now complains about it."  The accused man, often in a powerful position, survives to repeat his behavior again and again.
I find it all so disgusting.  But in the Herman Cain situation, we have a man who is running for President.  So there is also politics involved, and media attention, and lots of charges and counter-charges.  I see the familiar pattern developing in full view of the World. This is the worst kind of sleaze.  I am tired of it all.     


  1. Ironic, when Bill Clinton was the dirty deeder, the Conservatives were all over it. Now when it's their own Herman Cain, they're supporting him. The moral majority is neither.


  2. @ Joyce Lansky.

    Doug Kueffler wrote: A Perfectly Good, Well Balanced, Highly Informative, and Nonpartisan Article - that discussed a very serious and timely issue... and He did it in such a way as to clearly and properly chastise a very public offender; without devolving into the utterly foolish politics of both: Left and Right.

    Meanwhile, You [ on the other hand ] have actually trivialized a very serious issue for the sake of your own personally perceived politics.... Nor, have you yet figured out, that The Democrats and Republicans are collectively: " One Political Party Playing ' Good Cop/Bad Cop ' To An Intentionally Divided Electorate; To Preclude Any True Competition. "

  3. I'm not trivializing anything. But it's interesting how those who claim to be mightier than thou are STILL supporting Cain! I don't agree with the behavior on either side. Nor, do I agree with you, Jeshurun! There is nothing the same about the two parties. Both have very different ideas and approaches to how the country should be run. Have you been hiding under a rock?


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