First Night Missoula 2012 New Year's Eve

I am SO ready for 2012!  There was not much to be pumped up about in 2011, but 2012 promises to be so much better...even the economy.

Here in Missoula we close out 2011 on the last night of the year with our biggest celebration of the year...First Night, with hundreds of performers in nearly 30 venues.  

Events begin at noon on Dec 31, 2011 and run until midnight.  The big finales feature the Ed Norton Big Band at the University Center Ballroom, and the Drum Brothers in the University Center Copper Commons.  This is a LINK to the complete schedule

There are special Bus Routes running throughout the evening.  This is a LINK to the Map featuring the Venues and Bus Routes (bus routes are in Orange.) Click on the numbered venues for a list of all performers at that location.

For me it is time to begin anew, to think positively, to set new goals, improve my diet, my exercise regimen and my attitude toward winter.  I begin to enjoy the earlier morning sunrises and the later sunsets.  I start to make "to-do" lists that include projects that need to be done before spring and things that must wait until warmer weather.

And lastly, I qualify for Medicare beginning on the first of February.  Whether or not this is cause for joy I don't know, but it does mark another milestone, and I am still alive.

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful day!! What a great way to start a New Year..

    As far as the being still alive in my household when asked how one is and one is having a bad day.. the proper response is I woke up today, so I am winning the battle!! Always puts things back into perspective!


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