Merry Christmas Peace on Earth

I wish that there was peace in the World; that there were no hungry children; and no homeless people, and that everyone had a warm place to sleep.  

The World is really a pretty nasty place, and those of us who are fortunate enough to not suffer really have no idea why we get to live a life so different than the vast majority of people in the World.

It seems like there should be enough of everything for all people to share.  This could be a World of Abundance; but we fight over who is in charge, who gets to be first in line, who gets to be educated, who gets to sign multi-million-dollar contracts to play basketball so he can "put food on the table."   We spend billions on war-making, billions more on orbiting the Earth, billions more on keeping banks afloat, and on and on and on....


  1. I've resigned myself to the fact that I can't change the world. But if we can change one small part of it for the better, then maybe one day all the little parts will add up to a big one! Happy Holidays!

  2. The World is actually a very beautiful place with plenty to go around. What is nasty is man's propensity toward greed. If we learnt to share and look after one another we would all enjoy the bounty of this fantastic planet a great deal more.

  3. Christmas has ended. We are lucky enough that somehow we have a piece of blanket to warm up the cold night and food to fill up our empty stomachs anytime we wanted. May the true meaning of Christmas remain in us. We may be sensitive enough to feel those who are needy and less fortunate and know how to share.


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Doug (Gruggers) in Missoula