Missoula Winter Arrives

UM Main Hall and Griz
Outside, it is SEVEN degrees at 10 am.  Most of Montana is cold today. Winter has arrived in the north country.  

Many of the ski areas and resorts report up to a foot of new snow in the past 48 hours, something that they have been waiting for, but now it is too cold to ski.  The snomobilers, of course, the "couch athletes" of winter, will be happy to find their favorite wilderness ready for some noise.

Today I feel justified in wearing my "fleece-lined" jeans, which I think are a major improvement over the old "flannel-lined" jeans of decades past.  I only have one pair of fleece-lined jeans, as they are pricey, but only get worn a few days of the year.  This is one of those days, as I doubt if the temperature will reach 20 degrees.
Missoula Winter Day
We expect warmer temperatures for the Christmas weekend, beginning on Friday, 12/23, even forecast to reach 30 during mid-day on Saturday and Sunday. Now that would be good ski and snowboard weather.  Let's hope.

So, for today, instead of getting out and fly fishing, just tie some flies for next spring.

Instead of skiing, just have a cup of hot chocolate in the house and pretend you are in the warming hut.


  1. ok, I know you must be shivering at the moment, but I long for those kind of days. It's over 85 degrees in Florida. IN DECEMBER! Awww, can't stand Christmas here. It's too green. Send me some powder please. Oh, and a pair of those fleece lined pants. lol

  2. We are thinking of coming up in late March, to check out the Univ of MT.. what are my chances of not freezing my bejeebers off, while there?

  3. Try a hot cup noodles also great in a cold weather like that. Merry Christmas


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