Montana Grizzlies Take Down UNI Panthers 48-10 in FCS Quarterfinal

The Montana Grizzlies played one of their best games of the season under the Friday Night ESPN lights, beating the University of Northern Iowa Panthers 48-10 in the FCS quarterfinals.

The Grizzlies will meet either Sam Houston State or Montana State in the Semifinals on December 17.   That game will be played in Texas if SHS wins today's match up with Montana State.  If the MSU Bobcats win, they will travel to Missoula to take on the Grizzlies.

Montana and Northern Iowa played evenly in the first quarter, matching touchdowns for a 7-7 score as they entered the second period.  But Montana took over from there, completely dominating both lines of scrimmage.  Grizzly Quarterback Jordan Johnson was the star of the game,so far as I was concerned, but kicker Brody McKnight also contributed with a couple of punts that kept the Panthers back near their own goal line.

Game time temperature was about 20 degrees and it fell from there, with 14 degrees on the field by the end of the game.  The crowd was rowdy as 25,000 plus fans rocked Washington-Grizzly Stadium.  


  1. This game was excellent! I was so glad to have caught it.. Watched the great one handed catch in the Montana State/Sam Houston game. I was routing for a MT/MT State playoff..

  2. Thank you so much for the comment you wrote on my 'Getting Scared' post. It means so much that fellow bloggers here in Entrecard do care! Your tips will be very helpful as we resume our travels! All the best, Carol

  3. "Montana Grizzlies Take Down UNI Panthers 48-10 in FCS Quarterfinal" In any game of sport, a winner has to emerge, it is not surprising that the best team won. Nice information


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