Montana Winter Cold Brings Some Relief

Cold-weather Doug
Snow and Cold greeted me this morning! Three inches on the ground and TWO degrees above zero on the thermometer!

I am NOT a winter sports enthusiast. I live here for many reasons, but winter snow and ice are reasons that could eventually cause me to leave. I like the changing of the seasons...spring...summer...autumn. That's it.

Oh, but I guess there is ONE thing good the coldness of winter brings: DEAD BUGs. No mosquitos, no yellowjackets, no spiders and no ants.


  1. Nice thoughts on winter--my favorite, but don't get one here in Mumbai! And, thanks Sir Doug for joining our site!

  2. I almost said, "Oh, we've already been at zero for a bit" but then I realized you mean Fahrenheit! Ai, ai, ai, it's cold there! We're at -1C/30F tonight and my husband had to clean the car before going to work.

    My husband's the "polar bear" - he likes when the weather gets well before freezing - but I'm finding it chilly already. Stay warm!


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