January Feels Like it Has About 60 days

Doesn't it feel like this is the Longest January in history!?  And we still have a week to go.  Huge snowfall amounts, heavy snow shoveling, sore back, lack of sunlight, and the bank account just keeps shrinking. About the only good thing about January is that the days are getting longer.  Groundhog Day is coming up on February 2. That marks the half-way mark of the winter months. Half way to spring.  


  1. Ahh but the days are getting longer! It was nice to drive to town last night at 5:30 and still be able to see the valley. I think we might make it to Spring now (but no more of those "dump all the winter precip at once" storms please.

  2. Gee its close to 60 today. Thanks for putting your blog ad on my blog for entrecard.

  3. being Canadian I know of what you speak... :)

  4. I agree this is one of my least favorite months of the year.


  5. Today is the last day of January..yipee!! Not only the month seemed the longest,even the days were dragging in January.

  6. It seems that I`m first Europen here... I`m proud. Hahahahaha. Heared for Missula Montana in Tween Peaks first time. My best Tv series. Croatia is my land. Zadar on Mediterane see.... North USA is nice like everywhere in that country. I, never been there. Best wishes, and CIAO from Zadar, Croatia.


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