Missoula Schools Take Second Consecutive Snow Day

Heavy snow loads on the streets has led to a second consecutive "snow day" for Missoula school kids.  I'm sure they don't mind.
Personally, I am struggling with the snow load on the driveway.  After putting nearly a foot of snow cover on Thursday, Mother Nature dumped two more inches this morning, and then the County snow plow sprayed about four inches onto my driveway approach (again).

I am tiring more quickly each time I have to go out and shovel more.  Arms and shoulders are sore but it is my Lower Back that is really taking a beating.  Could it be because I am not 24 years old anymore but 64?  And just three weeks away from my 65th birthday. Medicare coverage begins on February 1st, and thankfully it will cover some chiropractic adjustments which I have been paying for 100 percent out-of-pocket. 

I am looking forward to spring.  At least I can "ride" the lawn mower!


  1. cold post.

    a visit from philippines. :)

  2. 2 inches of snow here in foothills of California will cause a panic, 3 inches might call for a snow day.


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