New Year's Resolution Exercise Get Fit Lose Weight

Every single year.  I do the same thing.  Resolve to become a healthier person, to lose weight, to exercise more and eat less.  We begin 2012 with a new exercising incentive: spend money on an elliptical and feel guilty if we don't use it.  We purchased this machine at Costco for $599 which seems like a pretty good price.  The machine is solid and has a lot of bells and whistles to provide incentive. (There is that word again: incentive.)

I found out that technicians charge over $100 to assemble one of these elliptical machines in your home, so I did it myself in about three hours (or four).  I tend to be really careful about following directions to avoid mistakes and that adds time.  Now that I am finished I think I could assemble the same model in about an hour and a half.  

My spouse is happy.  She will make the most use of it.  I will do the most thinking about using it.


  1. So Doug,
    How's the elliptical going? I saw it at Costco this evening and was thinking of purchasing it. I haven't found many reviews for this particular model.

    1. My spouse is the primary user, but we both like it a lot. It is a solid machine and worth every penny. I am going to adjust the handles so they will be angled more TOWARD the user as my wife feels like she is leaning forward too much. It was important to properly set the "leveling" adjustments to avoid a rocking motion at the rear. I think it is always needed when using a rubber mat under the machine to protect the floor. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Nice investment! Good choice! But I guess you have done one of your new years resolution that would be on the 28th. I've read that post:) I myself is excited for you. It made not only you happy but your spouse as well, and to think that you assembled this yourself, you'll be inspired to use this, I bet.

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