Friday, January 6, 2012

Patsy Smith, Hair Stylist, Missoula, MT

You can find Patsy Smith at 715 Kensington, Suite 5B, at Shirlee's Hair Designs.  Patsy's phone number for appointments is 218-9651, (which I keep on speed dial, cause a guy never knows when he might have an emergency).

Patsy Smith has been cutting my hair since 1994.  In fact, she has been the only hair stylist I have allowed to cut my hair in all those years.  She also does perms and the color treatments  that women like, but I just stick to the standard hair cut.  She knows how I want it and I don't have to explain. That allows us to just chat away like the old friends that we are!

Patsy recently moved her business to a new salon location and she also has a new telephone number.  I am writing this to help her get the word out. 

Patsy will also accommodate her clients who can't make it to afternoon appointments by scheduling after normal working hours. But you need to check with her on the best times and days. 

When you call Patsy, tell her you saw her new location and phone number on Doug's Missoula Blog.  Perhaps I can hit her up for a free cut if I get her a few referrals.  (Okay, I AM kidding.)


  1. What a great customer you are!!

  2. Well if I am back RVing in Missoula, I will know where to get my hair cut. Montana is one of my favorite sites. My mother was born in Hall near Phillipsburg. And that was a great football game (TV) when Montana beat I think Northern Iowa.
    Found your blog on entrecard.

  3. Haha! I laughed at this. It's nice meeting hairstylists like you and in longer years, shared the friendship that's molded by a simple haircut. Wow! For how many years, she's the only person with authority to touch your hair. :)


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