The Hunger Games

For the first time in my life of 65 years, I attended a movie on opening day.  In my case, a matinee of The Hunger Games on the large 3D screen at Missoula's Carmike 12.

Although I am a fan of the Hunger Games trilogy, which I have completed, I was somewhat disappointed in the movie.  I think the film will probably do well at the box office since the hype has been huge and the fan base is already well-established.  It is difficult to replicate, on film, the very personal experience we enjoyed in a novel that is written in a First Person voice. Update note: Hunger Games Box Office opening weekend was $150 Million!  Higher than the 110-115 Million industry was predicting, and one of the largest opening weekends of all time.  

I do like Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen.  She is a remarkable talent with a face that demands attention.  She could stare down Mike Tyson. I swear.  


  1. I picked up the book at the supermarket a couple of days ago. Sounds a bit like Battle Royale from the blurb on the back. Will give it a go after I finish reading "The Forever War" by Joe Haldeman :-)

  2. I just finished reading all three books. I think I'll wait until all of the movies are out so I can watch them all. I hate waiting! I enjoyed the books.

  3. i heard that this movie is great....i am not into this kind of movie but i am curious to watch it.



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