Bountiful Baskets Fruits and Veggies

I don't recall how my spouse initially discovered Bountiful but it has proven to be a wonderful and inexpensive source of vegetables and fruits which we receive every two weeks.  For fifteen dollars, we get a big box that must weigh about 12 pounds.  There  are several Bountiful Baskets delivery sites around the county, state and the country as well.

Volunteers show up early and unload the groceries, then sort everything equally into boxes for each person who signed up and purchased for that week.  We even volunteered once and found that it is backbreaking work for us older citizens.  We really enjoy the big variety and never know what we may get.  Last week there were apricots and blackberries, bananas, mangos, and a honeydew melon.  Vegetables included corn on the cob, cauliflower, green peppers, carrots, red potatoes, and others.  There are also add-ons that differ from delivery to delivery.  One time we purchased 25 pound bag of carrots and another time we received a 38 pound box of lemons!  Special bread packages and granolas are also available.  There is even an "organic" box that may be purchased for an additional amount.  We sign up by e-mail on every other Monday of delivery weeks.  
Here is the URL for Bountiful Baskets, if you are interested:

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